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S.No.   Manual                      
 Manual Description
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1 Manual- 1 Particulars of organization functions and duties Click Detail
2 Manual- 2 Powers and duties of officers and employees Click Detail
3 Manual- 3 Procedure followed in decision-making process  Click Detail
4 Manual- 4 Norms set for the discharge of functions Click Detail
5 Manual- 5 Rules, manuals & records of discharging Click Detail
6 Manual- 6 categories of documents held by under control Click Detail
7 Manual- 7 Particulars for Committees & Consultation details Click Detail
8 Manual- 8 Statement of boards, council, committe Click Detail
9 Manual- 9 Directory of officers and employees  Click Detail
10 Manual-10 Monthly Remuneration of officers & employees Click Detail
11 Manual-11 The Budget allocated to each agency  Click Detail
12 Manual-12 The manner of execution of subsidy program  Click Detail
13 Manual-13 Particulars of recipients of concessions, permits  Click Detail
14 Manual-14 Information available in an electronic form Click Detail
15 Manual-15 Particulars of facilities available to citizens  Click Detail
16 Manual-16 Name designation and other particulars of PIO  Click Detail
17 Manual-17 Other information as may be prescribed Click Detail

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