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::Hospital Information System::

HIS(Hospital Information System) was implemented at Kasturba Hospital in 2007, We have over 150 computers being used under HIS at Kasturba Hospital through our own Dedicated SERVER .All employees are trained in its use.New employees are been provided training in the Computer Training room. On site training is also provided by two Software engineers during regular working hours. They also attend to various problems encountered by users 24 hours (on telephone).Majority of the Various Modules have been successfully Implemented.Inpatient Billing has been started with lot of Teething Problem (which has now been overcome). We were the only Hospital to have done so. Generate MIS reports with Data that has been Collected

This has Resulted in 

Faster, Transparent and more efficient working in all Departments 
More Accountability at all steps 
Easier working for Doctors and Nurses
On line Access to Patient Reports
On line access to old records of previous visit and records from Other Hospitals(EOF)
Indenting is easier and faster 
Better Inventory Management both in wards and in Stores 
Patient billing more accountable
Better Patient records 
Immediate Generation of more Authentic reports

Websites available

For Internal Use


Up Coming Project

OPD Registration

9:00 AM  to 12.00 PM (Monday to Friday)
9:00 AM to 11.30 AM(Saturday)

Special clinics

2.00 PM to 3.30 PM (Monday to Friday)